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Think about it ... how many times do you wish you had a Tote to carry your gear to the beach, your shopping from the store, or your books to class that was more than just a bag? Get your GIVE HOPE Tote today not to impress but to make a statement - "I care about people and look good doing it!"

Not only will your new Tote help you carry all your swag, but by purchasing it, you directly impact men, women and children who have been exploited, abandoned, or left without hope in Cambodia or India. The choice is yours! Carry your Generosity today and every day. The only problem now is - how much stuff can you carry at once? 

And now the nitty gritty:

  • ASColour 1001 Carrie Bag
  • Reinforced shoulder straps, Mid weight, 320 GSM, 100% cotton canvas - strong enough to carry lunch for you AND a mate!
  • One large compartment 42cm x 42cm - large enough for heaps of gear!

AS Colour is proudly certified Child Labor Free to Manufacturing level. Child Labor Free is a certification that independently inspects and analyses supply chains for the use of child labor.

Child Labor Free certification empowers consumers to recognise brands that do not use child labor and supports brands to ensure child labor does not exist in their supply chains. Child Labor Free is a certification mark that provides best assurance that the product or brand carrying the mark has met the required standard. For information please visit

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