Girl's NOT FOR SALE Wafer Tee

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Not For Sale Girl's Wafer Tee

Imagine ... wearing your new Girl's Not For Sale tee to the skate park, the shops, or your favourite spot not to impress but to make a statement - "I care about people and I feel good doing it!"

Not only will your new tee make you look sensational, but by purchasing it, you directly impact women and children who have been exploited or trafficked in Cambodia through the work of Ratanak International. The choice is yours! Wear your Generosity today and every day. 

This collection of Generous Apparel has been designed and created to support the work of Ratanak International in Cambodia.
From Ratanak's website:
"Ratanak International is a Christian organization that works collaboratively to be a catalyst for transformation in Cambodia through a focus on empowering exploited people and addressing the systems that exploit them.

We are working with Cambodians to restore those robbed of freedom and protect the vulnerable.
And now the nitty gritty:
  • ASColour AS4002 Wafer Tee
  • Slim fit - it'll make you look great!
  • Crew neck - slimming and fashionable!
  • Light weight, 150 GSM, 100% combed cotton (marles colours 15% polyester) - super soft and comfortable!

AS Colour is proudly certified Child Labor Free to Manufacturing level. Child Labor Free is a certification that independently inspects and analyses supply chains for the use of child labor.

Child Labor Free certification empowers consumers to recognise brands that do not use child labor and supports brands to ensure child labor does not exist in their supply chains. Child Labor Free is a certification mark that provides best assurance that the product or brand carrying the mark has met the required standard. For information please visit

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