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These Fair Trade Wristbands are super trendy.

Not only will you be repping Generous Apparel, but you'll be supporting a great initiative - Common Good wristbands. They not only make these great wristbands, but they are supporting and empowering vulnerable women in Kolkata, India to escape the cycle of poverty, provide for their families, and make a valuable impact for ethically sourced products.


HOW DOES THE GIFT GET TO ICMC? Here's the details:

1. You choose the gift level you'd like to give - $10 - $25 - $50 - $75 - $100 - $125 - $150 - $200

2. Every gift given will receive a gift in return. Gifts over $10 will receive one of our coveted Generous Apparel Wristbands - and for gifts of $100 or more will receive our exclusive HOT SHOWER PROJECT T-SHIRT in your choice of colour -  WHITE , BLACK, or FADED DENIM BLUE

3. March 1, 2018 is the final day to give to this project. On March 2, the gifts will be tallied and all the shirts will be ordered. Shirts will take approximately 3 weeks to print and ship.

4. Funds from all gifts received will be used to purchase and print all HOT SHOWER PROJECT T-SHIRTS and the remaining funds will be deposited to Global Development Group Project J751N ICMC Development Project (Indian Christian Mission Centre). *

5. We will post on our website, our Facebook and our Instagram accounts the final amounts donated and celebrations will be had!

So let's hit the showers and GIVE A DAY'$ PAY to change the lives of 700+ orphans at ICMC, Salem, India. 


* We value transparency while maintaining humility. If you would like to see a copy of the deposit to Global Development Group, please just email us at and we'd be happy to oblige.


The nitty gritty on the wristbands:

Each Generous Apparel FAIR TRADE Wristband is made with cotton threaded cord and sustainably sourced bamboo, hand tied by the lovely people of Khal-Par, India. The Common Good organisation has also created the Common Good Fund which uses profits from these wristbands to help bring much needed community development such as better drinking water, toilets that provide privacy from onlookers, gas cookers to replace mud fires, good education for their children (and themselves) as well as developing the business to provide for more jobs. They have also set up Heaps Choice Loans for Good to help their workers pay off their debts which have kept them in the cycle of poverty. For more information on Common Good and the good they are doing, check out their website HERE.