Generous Apparel FAIR TRADE Wristbands

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Imagine ... wearing your simple yet funky looking Generous Apparel Fair Trade Wristband around town. Not only will you be repping the Generous Revolution, but you'll be supporting a great initiative - Common Good wristbands. They not only make these great wristbands, but they are supporting and empowering vulnerable women in Kolkata, India to escape the cycle of poverty, provide for their families, and make a valuable impact for ethically sourced products.

You can get your Generous Apparel FAIR TRADE Wristband in three options:

$8.95 - 1 for yourself
$16.95 - 2 for you and a mate
$19.95 - 3 to spread the Generosity even further

And if you buy a t-shirt, you can get one for $5.

So get yours today and Rep the Generous Revolution!

The nitty gritty:

Each Generous Apparel FAIR TRADE Wristband is made with cotton threaded cord and sustainably sourced bamboo, hand tied by the lovely people of Khal-Par, India. The Common Good organisation has also created the Common Good Fund which uses profits from these wristbands to help bring much needed community development such as better drinking water, toilets that provide privacy from onlookers, gas cookers to replace mud fires, good education for their children (and themselves) as well as developing the business to provide for more jobs. They have also set up Heaps Choice Loans for Good to help their workers pay off their debts which have kept them in the cycle of poverty. For more information on Common Good and the good they are doing, check out their website HERE.