The 25 % Guarantee

As you've already figured out, we love Generosity. That's why we created Generous Apparel with the 25% Guarantee in mind. Simply put, the 25% Guarantee is our promise to you that for every purchase you make, 25% of the purchase price of each item you buy will be donated to one of our charity partners (not including shipping). For many of our products, you can choose which of our partners to support. And some of our products are especially created to support certain ministry partners. But EVERY PURCHASE YOU MAKE contributes 25% towards one of our partners.

So how does it REALLY work? Here's the details:

We are committed to being both responsible and transparent with our Generous shoppers and our charity partners. At the start of each month, Generous Apparel deposits the 25% of sales earmarked in the previous month for each charity partner and sends them an accountability report. This report includes the sales figures for the month that were designated to their charity, along with the dollar amount to look for in their bank account. And at the start of each month, we will post an update on our Blog and our Facebook page to celebrate your Generosity.

Check our Generous Apparel Facebook page to keep up to date with how your purchases are making a difference.