Partner Links and Other Generous Stuff

Welcome to our Links and Other Generous Stuff Page. Here you'll find many other great websites and organisations that are doing what we're doing or that we just find worthy of spreading the word about. Some are other apparel companies and some are organisations doing their best to tackle the difficulties faced by so many millions in our world.

The fine print: We don't get any cudos or material benefits from you clicking these links other than spreading the word about some other pretty awesome people!

Our Charity Partners:

    Ratanak International


  ICMC - Indian Christian Mission Centre


Great organisations spreading the word about Ethical Purchasing, Human Trafficking, and other global issues:

Baptist World Aid - Ethical Fashion Guide, Child Sponsorship and more

A21 Campaign - Fighting Human Trafficking

Lift4Life - "Lifting up lives through powerlifting. One community at a time."



Other Apparel Companies doing some great stuff:

Aware - The Social Design Project - good friends of Generous Apparel who've been doing some fabulous Fair Trade clothing for quite some time.

Material Cause - another Fair Trade shirt company donating proceeds to some fabulous causes

Mighty Good Undies - Fair trade undies (and believe us, they can be very hard to find)