First 10 and 20 Customer Discounts

Thanks for being so Generous!

For being one of our first 20 customers, you'll receive an email a few hours after your order for 10-20% off your next shop at Generous Apparel. There are just a few conditions to be aware of ... but it's pretty simple!

1. The discount applies to the purchase price of the items you choose. So if the item is $34.95, the 10% discount will give you the item for $31.46.

2. The discount is valid until June 30, 2017. After that date, it will expire.

3. If you're not able to use the code to purchase a shirt for yourself, but would like to gift the discount to someone else, please email us at so we can honour the discount when it is used.

4. If the discount is used after our 50th order, when our regular shipping cost of $5 is started, the discount will not apply to the shipping cost of the order.

That's it. Pretty simple! Enjoy your Generous Apparel ... and thanks again for being so Generous!