About Us

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My name is James Norman. I'm a father of one very rambunctious and life loving toddler, husband to the most generous and compassionate Fijian woman, I'm a Canadian by birth, Aussie by choice, lover of people, and follower of Jesus.

I started Generous Apparel in 2017 for 3 reasons:

1. I wanted a fun way to express my faith and passion for social justice issues

2. I wanted to give financially to projects I was passionate about

3. I wanted to start a business with a purpose

The Generous Apparel journey so far has been amazing. Since starting, our generous customers have enabled us to give over $8000 to our charity partners around the world. (Check out our Charity Partners Page HERE).

We've also expanded Generous Apparel from a small fashion brand that cares about the people that make the clothes we provide, into a growing brand that is dedicated to supporting churches, ministries, Christian groups, camps, events, and individual consumers to buy and source their merchandise ethically.

I was a youth pastor for 12 years, so I totally get the place that many church and ministry leaders are coming from. I get that budgets are tight, time is a commodity that seems to run away quickly, and it can be such a frustrating experience trying to find an apparel supplier amongst the thousands that will cater for the needs of the big and the little guys with the same passion and enthusiasm.

I'll be fair dincum - my goal for Generous Apparel is to give away as much money as possible. Our 10 Year vision is to donate $1 Million Australian Dollars. That's a crazy huge dream, I know. But imagine with me for a minute how many lives that kind of money would impact through our amazing charity parters. Partners like:

  • A21 who literally rescue men, women, and children from the hands of human traffickers every day
  • CBM Australia who literally make the blind to see through their work with people suffering from cataracts, trachoma, and low vision
  • Ratanak Cambodia who rescue girls from the sex slave industry and rehabilitate them; who work with communities to tackle the root causes of poverty which leads to human trafficking; and who work with the Cambodian authorities to prosecute the perpetrators of trafficking and who have literally changed the sex slave culture in Cambodia 

I wake up every morning thanking God for the opportunity He has given me to share my passion through Generous Apparel. My hope is that I can be a blessing and encouragement to you and your ministry. Check out my weekly prayer blog or visit out "Pray for Me" page and let me know how our team can pray for you.

If you're looking for custom tshirts, hoodies, hats, jackets, and want to make sure they're sourced from a supplier that cares about the people in the supply chain,  download our "Simple Price Guide" for custom projects and let's get started creating you an awesome line of gear for your group.

If you're just having a sticky beak to find out what Generous Apparel is all about, sweet! For reading this far, click HERE to get an instant 5% discount on any of our Generous Apparel branded gear on our website. I'm sure you'll look awesome rocking your world changing GA Swag.

And finally, whoever you are reading this, I pray God's richest blessings on you and your loved ones. May you know the hope and peace that comes from knowing Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, may you seek to love Him with everything you are, may you trust Him with everything you want to be, and may you be encouraged today that you matter to God. 

I sincerely hope that we can start our journey together in changing the world one tshirt at a time.

In Him,

James , Salote, and Kalev Norman