Shine shine shine!

Posted by James Norman on

Thirsty Thursdays are all about inspiring quotes and thoughts to quench a little bit of that spiritual thirst we all have.

"Don't shine so that others can see you. Shine so that, through you, others can see Him."

What's the meaning of life? To get more toys ... to be happy ... to make a difference? I'm no expert, but the more I go after those things, it seems the more they remain out of reach. More toys just means I find another I don't have ... happiness always seems to come and go with a change in weather / circumstances / or even just food in my belly ... and making a difference is great and all, but it's never finished.

I've found that in doing my best to reflect my Creator, I've been more fulfilled than when I've had the toys, been happy, or been making a difference.

So what is your life shining?


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