Give from the heart ...

Posted by James Norman on

Generous Tip Tuesday ... another way to make generosity a lifestyle!

Today's tip is to give from the heart. If you truly want to be generous, then you have to give just because you want to give, not because you have ulterior motives and want something in return. You should give simply because you want to give, because you've found something you believe in, and because you want to do good in the world. If you're only giving to impress other people or to who off to someone in some way, then you're not really being generous.

Giving from the heart can be simple ... ask yourself a few simple questions:
1. Who is my heart drawn to today?
2. What issue puts a lump in my throat?
3. What simple thing can I do today to make a difference?

Looking forward to hearing how you make generosity a lifestyle today.


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