Get enough sleep and wake up early

Posted by James Norman on

Here we are again ... Make Mondays Great again. We're into our 3rd week of the GA Blog and cruising along nicely. We hope you're enjoying the reads so far.

Today is another great tip from Forbes!

Get enough sleep and wake up early. Go to bed a little early on Sunday night and be sure to get enough sleep so that you wake up feeling well-rested, Friedman says. “If you're only running on a couple of hours of sleep, it's unlikely that you're going to feel good about going anywhere when the alarm goes off Monday morning.”

Although it might seem counter-intuitive, waking up an extra 15 to 30 minutes early on Monday morning can actually make going back to the office easier. “Having a little more ‘me time’ instead of feeling like you're trapped in a time crunch can make that transition a little easier,” she says. “Taking the time to enjoy a healthy breakfast, do some exercises, or take the dog for a walk can help you feel more centred for the rest of the day, and can help you remember that you're not a robot who just sleeps and works.”



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