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Timber Sunnies
1 Sunnies for $25
2 Sunnies for $40
4 Sunnies for $60

Welcome to Generous Apparel

We specialise in sourcing Custom Ethical Apparel for
Youth Groups, Church Ministries, Charities, Events and Camps

We also have a selection of our own designs and a few fun accessories
that you can get your hands on. Check out our latest designs below.

Giving 50% to Change the World

We are a very different breed at Generous Apparel.
We donate 50% of the profits from every sale and project to organizations tackling human trafficking. Check out where your money goes and how we are changing the world one tshirt at a time.

About Us

Hey, I'm James Norman and this is my beautiful family.

I started Generous Apparel as a way to raise awareness and money for organizations tackling human trafficking. I am passionate about making ethical and sustainable purchasing decisions, I love funky t-shirts, and I was a youth pastor for 12 years, so I decided to combine those things and create a business that sources great quality, ethically produced clothing for Youth Ministries, Churches, Charities, Camps, and Events.

Giving 50% to Change the World

The thing that sets Generous Apparel apart is that we are more of a social enterprise than a typical business. We don't like to brag (maybe a little), but we give away 50% of our profits to bring FREEDOM, DIGNITY, PEACE, and HOPE to men, women, and children who have been exploited, neglected and affected by human trafficking and severe poverty. So far, we've been able to give away nearly $10,000 and have seen literally hundreds of lives changed through the amazing work of our charity parters. Check out the link below to see the awesome work being done by our Charity Partners.

It's why say "changing the world one tshirt at a time" because our Charity Partners are LITERALLY, changing lives every day.

Our Charity Partners

Click on one of the logos below to find out more about our amazing charity partners and the work they to change lives every day.

Our mission is to end slavery!

We are a nonprofit organization fueled by radical hope that human beings everywhere will be rescued from bondage and completely restored. We are the abolitionists of the 21st century. We work with you to free slaves and disrupt the demand.

Human trafficking is destroying lives, but freedom will have the final word.

A world where poverty has ended and all people enjoy the fullness of life God intends.

Baptist World Aid is a Christian aid and development organisation. We partner with Australian Christians to be love and end poverty.

We partner with like-minded agencies overseas to empower communities to lift themselves out of poverty, challenge injustice and build resilience.

We partner with Christians and churches in Australia, particularly those from the Baptist movement, in generous giving, ethical consumption, courageous advocacy and faithful prayer in order to achieve justice for people living in poverty.

80% of people with disability live in poverty. CBM helps make lasting change possible.

CBM is an international Christian development organisation devoted to improving the lives of people with disabilities in the poorest places on earth. Poverty and disability go hand in hand creating a cycle of inequality, isolation and exclusion that leads to the most extreme forms of poverty.

Through their 110 year history and over 30 years in Australia, they have developed proven community based programs that help millions of people benefit from real, lasting change.

CBM help make lasting change possible by:
Preventing blindnessEnding PovertyTransforming the lives of people with disability

Changing lives by education, love, and family.

ICMC was founded in 1988 by Dr. S. Jayaraj Krishnan, known as “Dr Jay” or "Pastor Jay". Raised as an orphan himself, Pastor Jay has devoted his life to the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of orphans in southern India.Growing from 12 orphans in 1988, ICMC has become one of the largest orphanages in India.

ICMC has been supported by individual donors around the globe, and as a result has seen many people saved from poverty and won for Jesus Christ. As an indigenous mission agency, it is highly effective in reaching the communities for Christ for the sake of the Gospel and continues to provide some of the best care and educational opportunities to the underprivileged in Asia.

Each year in Cambodia, thousands are trafficked and exploited. We are working with Cambodians to restore those robbed of freedom and protect the vulnerable.

Ratanak International is a Christian organization that works collaboratively to be a catalyst for transformation in Cambodia through a focus on empowering exploited people and addressing the systems that exploit them.

We see a Cambodia where every man, woman and child can live in dignity, achieve their full potential and experience the love and hope of Christ.

Click on one of our Collections below to find a design you'll love!

Get yourself some sweet deals before they're all gone!

Timber Sunnies
1 Sunnies for $25
2 Sunnies for $40
4 Sunnies for $60

Kids Shirts


Jesus Face Kids Tee - $5

Not 4 Sale Kids Tee - $5

GA Logo Kids Tee - $5

GNRS Logo Kids Tee - $5

Men's T-Shirts
Long Sleeve Tees

Men's Grey Faith Tshirts - $5

Super Soft Men's Cotton Tee - Black and Grey Stripe - $5

Long Sleeve Tees - Both Arms and Back - $15

Long Sleeves - Front Logo - $15

Long Sleeves - Front, Arm, and Back - $15

Ladies' Shirts
All now only $5

Ladies' White Tank Top - $5

Ladies' Salmon Tank Top - $5

Ladies' Black Tank Top - $5

Ladies' Christmas Tees - $5

CrossFit Tank Top - $5

CrossFit LIFT4LIFE Tank Top - $5

CrossFit LIFT4LIFE Tank Top - $5

Inspirational Ladies Tees - $5

Hats & Accessories

Fair Trade Hat and Ball Cap - $10

Fair Trade Cotton Beanies - $5

Various Inspirational Shopping Totes - ONLY $5

Contact Us

We love to say hi ... shout coffees when we can ... pray for you ... or generally just be a blessing. If you have anything at all you'd like to contact us about:
use the fields belowsend us an email at james@generousapparel.com.auor give us a shout on 0430 095 190

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